Anatomy of a Scarecrow

by AmeDeus

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released March 26, 2011



all rights reserved


AmeDeus Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

AmeDeus is simply a humble, human attempt at, and representation of, the Love of God.

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Track Name: Safety's Song
I've kept a weathered eye upon the horizon
Hoping to find something secure, something familiar
Only distant distortions of things undiscovered embrace my gaze
I find no comfort in these things or this place

I've been searching for safety for far too long,
This place is not where I belong
I crave danger's embrace,
this wild heart will not be tamed

I can not follow the footsteps of the faint of heart,
I've closed my ears to comfort's call
No longer searching for safety
I found the boldness to seek the strength to stand
Track Name: Veneration: A Lost Act of Reverence
Does not every tree bare testimony as the arms of the earth raised high?
Glorify, Glorify, Glorifying

Oh son, my son
Where have you gone?
Daughter, dear daughter
Why have you run?
Hide not your shame for I see everything
It cannot be concealed by the leaves of the trees
Every branch bows down at the sound of my name

May the rocks never speak, and may the rivers never weep on our behalf or in our stead

If we don't speak, Then the land will stand and say;

"You can't hide the soul of a man with the earth laid bare before the eyes of the Son
You can't hide the soil of the land with the earth laid bare before the eyes of the Sun"

The feet of the men who buried your husband are at the door, Do not test the Lord.
Track Name: Before Your Eyes Could Open
I had to choose...
Remorse, a word I know so well
If only I knew then, of Hell, Self-hatred, and regret
A choice that I would not forget, The choice I made to dig your grave
Before your eyes could open, Before your voice could sing
I closed them and I silenced you eternally

And I will never know you
Forgive me, please forgive me

This silence in the night was never my desire
I wish that I could sing you back to sleep, These lullabies I wrote are falling on dead ears
And no right to choose in all the world could swallow up these tears

I look into your loving eyes, So beautiful, so full of Joy
A hint of hers, a hint of mine, Oh the dreams I have for you, oh the dreams

I awake to find myself alone, reality returns to me
As I realize that this was never meant to be
And you always were
Forgive me

I wish that I were handing you these roses on your birthday
Not laying them before a grave in which you will forever lay
On a headstone are written the words:
"I will never know your eyes: I will never know your voice"

My God, You are the only one who can replace these pieces stolen from my heart
Track Name: The World's Love
Footprints in the snow
So bitter, so cold
A memory for every girl

(You swear your love to but you don't, each notch on the post is another heart that you broke and you can't get enough even when the feeling starts to fade)

Always staring from the outside
In through frozen windows
Only seeing a distorted view
Of something supposedly so beautiful to you
As it fades away...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
How terrible it is for one to go blind

This place is too familiar, Captivation or Captivity?
Reduced to nothing and on my knees
A true man would stand, a real man would flee
But at times I find myself lost in the sound of seduction
So sweet, so softly whispered into my ear;
"This is what you want, this is what you need"
Oh My God this is not Love!
Never again will I spill my seed at the altar of the enemy
Now trembling and finding it so difficult to choose
This is the cold, hard truth

Track Name: A Letter From the Jealous Lover
Will you walk with me on golden streets, or sit adulterous at the gate?
Track Name: The Cartographer
A Castaway, I've sunk this ship
Will this storm break or is this it?
(I fell so far, I fell so far)

To the plank with self, to the brig with soul
I watch these waters take their toll
(This heart it breaks, this life it takes)

Soon a ghost I'll be, haunting the surface of the sea
( This compass failed, off course we've sailed)

Oh my God, Thy sea so vast, this vessel so small

As I wage war with the waves, my battered faith further fades
I see Your ghost on the shore, I watch you walk through the storm
You call to me, You call to me
Though with each step I take I sink

I've seen too many skies that lack complexion
Track Name: The River's Redemption
Bring me my bible and a shotgun
Pour me some alcohol on my wounds
This isn't over, things just gettin' fun
I hear the howlin' of the hell hounds

I feel the demons on my heals
And I'm runnin' like Hell
Through a wilderness so desperate
I am a man no one can save
And as the sunlight dies I realize
My sins have led me to my grave

Every tree takes the shape of a being that haunts me
(as daylight pierces the darkness)
Every sound echoes my eternity
(I feel the glory of the sun glimmering on the river's edge)
The deeper I fall into the depths of desperation
(And I feel a longing to be cleansed)
The further I disappear

Oh John, Deere John
Show me the River's Redemption
A dove descending from above
Brings me my bible and a Shotgun

Just 'cause I'm passionate
Just 'cause I'm hollerin' that don't mean this boy's got the devil inside of him.
This boy ain't got the devil inside of him, he's just trying to fight his demons
Track Name: Listen
On the mountain where I called out your name with no reply
Through the valley of shadow where I fought to the death for your life

Does lamb not know the shepherd's voice?
Only when the wolves are close.

Before request slipped from whispered lips, I gave you my word
Now listen for my voice
Quiet your restless tongue and listen

Now it comes down to east or west,
My hand or faceless, shameless, crowds
You can't hear my voice from the North
While your ear's turned to the south

You can't hear me if you're screaming louder
Track Name: How useless a Scarecrow welcomed amidst the company of Crows
Another patch here, another stitch there
Bring me to life, personify fear
The only problem is that I'm the only one who's afraid
Opening my eyes I see
A field of newborn life before me
Protection, my duty, my calling

(though I pretend not to hear, why does bravery's call always fall onto deaf ears?)

I need You, like a parasite needs its host
I need You, like a body needs its bones
I need You, like a fortress needs its walls
I need You, like a scarecrow needs its crows

As the sky darkens the smell of fear thickens the air
( cimmerian clouds descending in the distance)
Winged creatures advancing
(deceiving, sinister, ravenous)
They're closing in...

Piercing eyes, the color of intimidation
Doubt, a fatal and fierce penetration
Foul beasts feeding on the weakness within all of us

Oh Creator, when You stitched me together
I was made in the image of love, I was not given a spirit of fear
Though there's no spirit here within me
It must have fallen while I was fleeing

I know what it is to be disheartened
My seams are bursting with dismay
Rip open this chest and fill it with Your courage
To brave another day
Track Name: A Song to Burn Your Beards By (acoustic)
My bones lie stacked like a pile of branches,
Dried and died some time ago
As they fell to the forest floor not to be forgotten

Gathered together longing for a fire to find them
Will Your fire find them?
Will Your fire find them in this darkened place?

I'll be Your source of light, Your source of heat if You will burn in me
For too long have these bones known complacency

As the very wind is made of angels wings
Won't You teach Your servant to be the fire's flame?
Burn in me

There was a fire in the forest lit just for us,
right before our eyes
How can we ignore the sight and the sound of the flames
'till we feel them burning in our beds
burning us alive

A great big man walked by with a beard and a blade sharp as a butcher's knife
And he sang songs to the sky as he hacked with his ax and stacked the wood just as high as his voice did rise
With a sigh and a look satisfied, he lit a match that burned goodbye to dead dry bones

I'm breaking branches burning bones to rekindle a fire in thy soul